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Selected Production Samples

Typical Thermoforming Tolerances

Pressure Forming

Outside Part Dimensional
Flat Plane: +/- .030"
Vertical Plane: +/- .030"


When established: +/- .015"

Hole Center
Mold edge to hole center: +/- .015"
Hole to Hole: +/- .010"


backformed in tool: +/- .015"
CNC Machine Routed: +/- .010"

Vacuum Forming

Mold Surfaces
On all surfaces Mold/Formed: +/- .030"

Hole center/cutout: +/- .020"

Material thickness stated is the starting gauge and will vary due to supplier specifications and forming techniques. Part surfaces opposite the mold surface cannot be accurately controlled. Material thinning due to forming may cause surface to vary by +/-.030"